Welcome Baby Boy! Eight pounds, one ounce born January 13.

Welcome Baby Boy!

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Exactly twenty months after Baby Girl E was born, her brother, Baby Boy E is finally earth side!  At thirty-nine weeks and five days gestation, Baby Boy E was born to his parents!  He is perfect in every way.

Ari skin to skin

Born January 13

Eight Pounds One Ounce

Twenty and a Half Inches Long


After a peaceful labor followed by a hard fought delivery, this little guy emerged.  He was the most welcomed, anticipated bundle of pure perfection you have ever seen.  So vivid was the purplish pink of his skin, his tiny little round body, sweet cry, scrunched up delicate face and the way he moved his arms and legs as they experienced the world outside of the womb for the first time.  Such pure toxic joy Baby Boy E has brought to this earth!  Welcome little buddy!


IMG_0624This is quite possibly my favorite picture ever.  Little Miss E getting acquainted with her baby brother back at home!  Such a beautiful family this is.  I’m just ever so privileged to be a part.  It’s all I could think of after the birth – I just can’t believe how lucky I am to get to be a part of this.

Birth story coming soon!

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