Twenty-three weeks! My belly is popping out and the baby movements are getting strong.

Eighteen Weeks!

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We are just over eighteen weeks pregnant now! Time is flying. I am with regular prenatal care providers and loving them. This time I am with OHSU’s Center for Women’s Health instead of Kaizer and am really excited about the change. I’ve been so busy in a mostly good way this summer. I’m still taking classes (that’s the not fun busy) and trying to keep the kids active. In fact, I’m supposed to be running a few final errands so we can get out of town for a week long camping trip but thought I’d sneak a little update in!

I feel amazing. Is it too soon to say this is my easiest pregnancy so far? Knock on wood, I know. Right at sixteen weeks I started getting hungry very often. I’ll feel hungry, think to myself that I can’t possibly be hungry since I just ate, and then remember that I am now on the eat every three hour plan. I eat all the time.

What is a little different for me this time is that I get full real quickly. Normally I can eat and eat but now I’m finished half way through a normal meal. I’ve upped my intake of fermented foods and crave fruit a little bit (normally I don’t crave fruit) but that’s about it for cravings and the fermented foods was just because I realized I haven’t been getting enough, not necessarily because of cravings. I don’t seem to be wanting extra of any particular nutrient like protein which I did crave a lot around this time with the last pregnancy.

Starting right at seventeen weeks, I started to have to pee all the time. I know you were interested, so there it is. It seems like it’s a little too early for this but I use the restroom as often as I eat, day and night.

I’m feeling a lot of baby movement! It feels almost like a slight Braxton Hicks and in hind sight this has been consistent since early on, starting around 13 weeks, I just mistook it for more of a light cramp or awareness of my uterus, but it is baby! I’m even getting some hard movements like kicks or flips lately. According to my midwife this baby has a lot of room in my stretched out uterus. She had to hunt him down for the heart rate check and he was way higher than she expected! He can thank his sister for paving the way and giving him all that space.

18 weeks edited

Guys I’m having a blast. I love this. I just love being pregnant. I love my IP’s.   They sent me stats, and some adorable pictures, of Eileena’s fifteen month check-up. She is just thriving, happy and healthy, still at the top of the charts on all measurements. I can’t tell you how lucky I feel for being able to do this. And, on top of just loving every second of this, my IP’s are paying me to do it. If only everyone could be paid for what they love.

My kids have two and a half more precious weeks of summer break and about the time they go back to school I get a three week break before my fall term starts so I’m looking forward to posting some other rambling thoughts I have and actually catching up with some other surro and IP bloggers!  Hope you are all well!


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