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It’s a question I’ve heard often, “What does your family think?”  In fact if you use an agency it is a requirement that you have a supportive family and if you are in an intimate relationship your partner must be on board and trust me, they do ask your partner. …continue reading

I’ve been talking about surrogacy to some of my friends and family for a while now and it is not uncommon for people to ask me if I am pregnant yet.  Let me just take a minute to tell you where I’m at in the whole process.  Over the next …continue reading

Photo Credit One of the first things I did when looking in to becoming a surrogate was to contact a couple of my doula friends for tips – figuring they’d seen it all.  Sure enough, an experienced doula recommended I find an agency.  She said make sure things are on the up and …continue reading

Why surrogacy?  It’s a question I have been asked a lot – by friends, my husband, agencies, the intended parents, the psychologist, even my attorney asked.  I am fully committed to becoming a surrogate and I have met a couple – dedicated future parents – whose child(ren) I will help bring into the world.  There …continue reading