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Did I say we were patiently waiting?  I meant it at the time but all of a sudden I think it’s time to GET PREGNANT already!  I told my husband last night, “I just want to get pregnant!”  And then I realized how funny it is to say that to …continue reading

My kids were trying to be elusive so I couldn’t capture their beautiful faces in my picture.  They didn’t realize how precious this pose was. Still refusing to give me a picture, I was forced to catch them off guard. My son is ten, my daughter six. These were from …continue reading

My house was pristine.  I’m talking dusted, the top of the fridge decluttered, beds made.  I even put the tools away from the in limbo project.  Jason and I were scheduled to meet with a social worker in our home who was going to check out our house and meet …continue reading

Psychological Evaluation

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Photo Credit All agencies, probably most Intended Parents and probably even most Reproductive Endocrinologist require GCs to undergo some sort of psychological evaluation before they become a carrier.  Often the surrogate and Intended Parent do not have a relationship prior to the surrogacy and one of the things that can help rule out dangerous …continue reading

Jason and I met Marcel and Chris in January and are very excited to be working with them to help them become dads!  Marce and Chris are both very smart.  They are busy, driven, thoughtful and conscientious. They have been committed to each other for a long time and seem to have a …continue reading

When We Met

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Photo Credit It was late fall around the holidays and life was pretty busy.  In addition to the usual hustle and bustle, my husband and I were coaching a Lego robotics team that was taking a lot of time.  I had made initial requests and subsequent diligent demands to the previous two …continue reading