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Of course beer and running have each other in common or at least they often go together.  Almost every run, certainly in the Portland area, serves beer, wine or whiskey at the end.  There is even a club that I meant to have already joined called, “Drinkers with a Running Problem.”  Although …continue reading

Quick Update

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Hi guys, I’m just checking it. There is not much new is going on here.  I’m running a half marathon tomorrow and will check that off my pre-pregnancy list.  Other things on my list are vising my family in Colorado for my brother’s high school graduation next weekend and painting the …continue reading

Mock Cycle

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I did my mock cycle toward the beginning of March.  It was about two weeks long and was basically to see how I would respond to the medications and for the Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) to check for abnormalities in my uterine cavity, to determine the ease of passing the embryo catheter and …continue reading