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Tentative Transfer Date!

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I’ve been waiting until I get an official calendar but I just can’t wait any longer…. I should be starting meds around July 7 with the embryo transfer around August 13!!!  Things can change, as we all know, but this is the closest to an actual real time frame we have had …continue reading

Photo Caption I think after a few tidbits about super important things like CONTRACTS I will be caught up on the steps from when I first contacted an agency to the present.  It has worked out well to back track since not much is going on right now. At the …continue reading

Just a little paranoid.

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It just doesn’t even matter what the issue is.  Pretty much through this whole process I have managed to worry about every single step.  When turning in my application to the agency I thought, maybe I’m totally not the kind of person they are looking for.  Before the psych eval I …continue reading