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The Transfer!

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I had my alarm set for 6:01am but Jason’s (my husband) went off at 5:50.  We got up (yes, kudos for me from those who know me) and I went with him to drop him off at his work which is nine blocks from the RE’s office.  The plan was for him …continue reading

The Wait –We are 25 hours away from the transfer!  Waiting yesterday was easier than waiting today and it was not easy yesterday.  The last year has been full of me figuring out how to distract myself from the wait!  I distracted myself through being busy in life in general, …continue reading

Call me crazy but I just uploaded a video showing how I give myself intramuscular shots.  I really hope this helps some surrogate or woman undergoing fertility treatment to make up for the nerves I have about posting this publicly. (:


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I have some numbers for you! On Tuesday the RE’s office retrieved twentyseven eggs from the donor! Eighteen were mature. Each IF received nine. As of Wednesday twelve had fertilized, six from each IF. Monday they will be biopsied for testing and once the results are back from that we will transfer …continue reading

Trying For Twins!

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I guess I should let you in on the plan, the plan regarding how many embryos we will be transferring on the big day which is roughly 14 days from now!  Our plan is to transfer two embryos, one from each intended father (IF). This definitely ups the chances for the pregnancy to take with at least one …continue reading

Another Quick Update

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A few random things- I start Delestorgen on Monday!  This is the drug that gets my uterus all nice and fluffy ready to receive the embryos.  Delestrogen is administered via an intramuscular injection which I will give myself twice a week.   We are still scheduled for an embryo transfer around the 30th of …continue reading

From Jeni at Love Makes A Family – “Many surrogates, myself included, have been given the opportunity to share close relationships with individuals who happen to be gay.  We witness first hand the love that these individuals have for one another.  We get to share in the moment that they learn …continue reading

Hot Flashes

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I do believe these super warm, sweaty almost claustrophobic type moments may be hot flashes.  I’m not sure how else to describe it but when I find myself actually fanning myself like I’ve seen so many menopausal ladies do, I feel like I’m almost part of a club.  If you live in the South or anywhere …continue reading