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From Erica at Blessings Along the Way.  She delivered her surrogate baby September 17.  Big congrats and what beautiful picture of baby and mama, it explains it all.  From Erica:    Welcome, Baby!! Someone once asked a surrogate mother, “How is it going to feel to give up the baby?”  The surrogate …continue reading

One healthy baby.

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Photo Credit Tomorrow is the ultrasound!  The ultrasound is to confirm there is a fetal sack (or two) and hopefully we will get to hear the heartbeats as well.  We will be 6 weeks 6 days which is far enough along that we should be able to hear a heartbeat. …continue reading

Today we are six weeks pregnant!  My pregnancy app tells me all the limbs and even the lungs are starting to develop on these babies and that they are the size of a lentil.  That’s not very big but it’s exponentially bigger than a poppy seed like they were last …continue reading

Week Five!

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Yesterday was officially week five.  Marce and Chris’ baby/babies are due May 18!  We have received two solid beta hCG numbers.  Eight days after the transfer of two five day embryos our beta was 57 and twelve days after the transfer it was 475!  We won’t know more about the …continue reading

Today’s Beta at 12dp5dt, (twelve days post five day embryo transfer) or 17dpo (seventeen days past ovulation), or 4 weeks 3 days past the first day of the last menstrual cycle (the date the pregnancy calendar begins) is 475!  I repeat, our Beta hCG is 475!!!At 8dp5dt our beta hCG was 57. This …continue reading

Beta – what it means.

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I keep sitting down to write on my other blog but then find myself here… it’s just more fun over here where lives are being created and families are being made! What I’ve learned about the beta… The Beta hCG levels are evidence that you are pregnant or not.  An increasing …continue reading

Four weeks along!

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We are four weeks pregnant today.  I suppose I should start the belly pictures.  Consider this your before picture.  The only baby related change to my body could be compared to mild bloating you would experience with your menstrual cycle.  The babies are the size of a poppy seed! It’s strange to consider this as four …continue reading

Beta results are in!

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Beta hCG is 56.89 8dp5dt.  The test was taken a day sooner than normal, usually it would be done 9dp5dt.  The NC said likely it would be in the 80’s tomorrow based on today’s number.  This sounds like a strong singleton to me but I am far from an expert.  We …continue reading

No Squinting Required!

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This morning’s HPT test is just what I wanted to see especially after yesterday morning’s test was another shadow, lighter than the day prior.  Suffice to say that messed with my head (and the boys) a little.  Perhaps that is why some people don’t do the HPT thing.  In the end I felt just fine …continue reading