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This morning’s HPT test is just what I wanted to see especially after yesterday morning’s test was another shadow, lighter than the day prior.  Suffice to say that messed with my head (and the boys) a little.  Perhaps that is why some people don’t do the HPT thing.  In the end I felt just fine with it but that is after getting a lot of reassurance from other surrogates and finding that that is NORMAL!

Today, no squinting required, this is a line!  I posted this on my running update of symptoms and HPT’s, but I think this one deserves a page of its own!

 I am rationing out my tests.  That faint line on day three fed an insane desire to POAS constantly.  But I will not allow myself to purchase any more HPT’s.  And I mean it.  I’ve bought at least eight packs of two to three tests, which btw is not as many as some of my peers have used (had to get that in there in case you really think I’m crazy – I’m no more crazy than the next surrogate over).  I have five tests left.  I will allow myself two more today, two tomorrow and one Friday morning – the morning of our Beta hCG blood test.

Anthony (my ten y/o) thinks it would be cool if one day technology could allow the tests to have four lines, one line being activated per baby being carried.  Until such a test is invented, unfortunately we have to wait until the ultrasound two and a half painful weeks after the beta blood draw to find out how many little ones we are carrying.
My aunt was pointing out how insane it is that I knew when I was three days pregnant.  Back in the day women often didn’t know until they were months pregnant!  Hello technology!  
Update 9/5pm:  I decided for my last HPT test today (taken around three pm), I would try my luck with the digital and this is what I saw!  Hilariously the boys I think just needed to see it in writing, a little more black and white and less pink, blue and shadowy!   Confidence is growing. πŸ™‚

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  • Anonymous

    Yay!!!! I’m gonna be a gramma! Thank you Dana! I’m smiling from ear to ear and yes, tears again…

    And tell Anthony I think he’s onto something brilliant… Get a patent… πŸ™‚ (((Hugs)))

  • greatdana

    Being a Grandma 101: Smile and cry often! You are making this whole blogging thing funner you know! πŸ™‚

  • Ariana

    It’s super exciting! I have been thinking of you… I really couldn’t see anything in that first picture, but this one is totally legit. REALLY happy for all of you! πŸ™‚

  • Tammy

    Woo hoo! Can’t wait to see if there are one or two. Since they did PGD, do they already know if they are having girls/boys?

  • Robin

    great news! I’m glad your line is getting darker. Betsy also pee’d on lot’s of sticks πŸ™‚ She slowed down once we got the digital. Can’t wait for both of our u/s!

  • Anonymous

    It almost unbelievableI Maybe it is my medical side talking, but I really need to see that bHCG number STAT! Hopefully subsequent home tests will prove positive.

  • Anonymous

    Chris just sent the digital to my cell!! I think it’s finally sinking in and the doubt is gone (even with his medical side) Lol… Yay!!! Friday will be here before we know it and praying for high numbers πŸ™‚ Can you tell I’m a little excited?! Lol…

  • greatdana


  • Anonymous

    The beta blood draw question… It will tell the ammount of Bhcg in the blood won’t it and we will get a little idea of whether or not it’s twins by the numbers? and how long will those results take? I know we have to wait for the ultra sound but it seems like I was reading that the blood test is a good pointer as well… C’s Mom

  • greatdana

    Truly all the beta tells us is if we are pregnant or not. BUT if we get an insanely high number like 200 plus the likelihood of it being twins is much higher. Twins literally double the beta hCG count. That said, I have seen a 200 beta be ONE and I have seen a 79 be TWO and I’m sure there are so many different stories. But even if it’s just one, the higher the beta, the better! Anything over 10 = pregnant I believe.

  • Melissa


  • Anonymous

    Yay, It’s Friday! We’re excited and sending good vibes πŸ™‚ C’s M

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