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It’s time to learn some fertility lingo.  The following test was taken 3.5dp5dt – that is three and a half days post a five day transfer.  In other words this test was taken three and a half days after the transfer which was of five day old embryos.  

Can you see the faintest vertical line in the oval window?  I can and thank goodness Chris and Marce could. I sent them the picture just sure they wouldn’t be able to see it swearing it was there. This line is pretty cool not just because it is the first sign that WE ARE PREGNANT but also because it was taken too early to see a line.  I mean obviously it wasn’t too early and I am not the only one ever to see a faint line on day three but it’s pretty rare.  My conclusion, twins of course. 🙂

Following is the rundown of what happens with an embryo (in italics).  It doesn’t matter that I have two children of my own I feel like I’m just now learning about how kids are made.  I stole this right off of a chat forum and am adding my symptoms and schedule. (credit)

(At the time I’m writing this it is September 3, Day 4.  I will update this same page as I go so my symptoms and progression are all in one place.)

Five Day Transfer

The embryos were frozen at day five for test processing.  For all intents and purposes frozen time doesn’t count at all.  We count back to the day that the eggs were retrieved (ovulation) and count only the days they were not frozen.  This is when they were fertilized and became embryos, the first five days.
August 30 was the transfer.  One embryo was already hatching, the other I’m praying began regenerating right away once it was in environment it needed – hello warm fluffy uterus!

My morning temperature the morning of the transfer was 97.5°F.  Even though I didn’t have enough readings to determine my true base I am calling it 97.5°F. 

August 31 – Day One Post Transfer(Six days post ovulation)

The blastocyst begins to hatch out of its shell 

Morning Temperature 97.9°F. This day I was very aware of some mild cramping and a heaviness in my uterus as if I was going to start my period.  I was laying down on bed rest.  (Go ahead, be jealous, I’ll make sure and let you know when morning sickness kicks in.J) I took a nap and still slept through the night just fine.

I did take a HPT (home pregnancy test) just to be sure there was no residual hCG from the meds the egg donor was given.

September 1 – Day Two Post Transfer (Seven days post ovulation)

The blastocyst continues to hatch out of its shell and begins to attach itself to the uterus 

Morning Temp 98°F. Pressure in uterus as if I were getting ready to start my period.  Mild cramping.  My family and I went out in the morning and a couple hours into it I got tired and a little cranky.  I took a nap when we got home and stayed in bed the rest of the day.  That night I was still cranky and a little bit nauseous.  I took my temp and I was 99°F.  I researched this and found that the temp does often spike during implantation.

Earlier that morning I figured it wouldn’t hurt anything to take another preg test to confirm no hCG so I did. 😉

September 2 – Day Three Post Transfer (Eight days post ovulation)

The blastocyst attaches deeper into the uterine lining, beginning implantation 

Morning Temperature 98.2°F.  Pressure still, like a heaviness in my uterus but not as much light cramping.  I am cautious to say I had lower back pain, cautious just because the progesterone shots I am taking cause my entire back side to be sore and achy but I do believe there was a different sort of lower back pain going on.  I was a little tired as well.

I took a HPT first thing in the morning just to see if the HCG from the pregnancy wanted to be detected yet.  There was nada.

I was drawn to take another HPT like it were the magic ring on Lord of the Rings and so I succumbed and took one and that is the test where we first saw a faint line!  Houston, I do believe we are pregnant!  Can’t see it?  Squint, turn your computer screen.  Still can’t see it, take my word for it.

I took another test a few hours later with a different brand and it did not detect the pregnancy.

I took another test with the same brand I used when we got the first positive and it showed a shadow of a line.  After the test sat for a day the line became more prominent.  I know the test results are just to be read a few minutes after taking it but the tests never sprout a positive where there wasn’t one so I am including the day later picture.  By the way, false positives are extremely unlikely, the biggest false is a false negative. 

September 3 – Day Four Post Transfer (Nine days post ovulation)

Implantation continues 

I forgot to take my morning temp, I was too excited about running to the bathroom to POAS (pee on a stick).  I had slept well.  My lower back hurts a bit and when I stretch or move I can feel my uterus like it’s tugging on me.  Not much cramping but still a heavy feeling in my uterus.  I woke up with more energy than I have had the last couple days.  I felt pretty hungry (read ravenous) this morning.  Now, you should know I can chow down any day of the year.  Food and I have a very close relationship but I think my appetite really did take a little temporary spike.

I took a HPT this morning.  I am out of my favorite brand, the one that detected the pregnancy so early, Clear Blue (non digital and not funny shape), but the one I used did show a faint line where this brand showed nothing last night when I used it along with my Clear Blue.  Jason is school supply shopping for the kids right now and he said he’d get some more Clear Blue’s so I can compare yesterday’s line with today’s line using the same test.

Update 9/3 pm: Here is a picture of this evening’s test.  One picture enhanced, one not.  There is no denying the presence of a second line here. 

September 4 – Day Five Post Transfer (Nine days post ovulation)

Implantation is complete, cells that will eventually become the placenta and fetus have begun to develop 

Update 9/4 pm: Symptoms today haven’t changed much.  I have a lot of sensation in my uterus, more than yesterday.  There is more of a tugging feeling than yesterday.  I have had a couple moments of nausea especially the further I got from my last mean.  My appetite seems to be normal though. 

Morning Temp 97.7 F. As far as pregnancy tests, I have taken several today.  The first one of the day I thought had no line.  I could see it later but where I was expecting to wake up with a bright dark line, I woke up with less of a line than the day before.  Throughout the day the line was about equal to yesterdays lines. Every test I took showed that I am pregnant (ANY LINE IS A LINE IS A LINE IS A POSITIVE!) except the damn digital. 😉  My hCG levels just aren’t ready for a digital yet and I prefer a hint of a line over a “not pregnant” screen.  I’m not posting pics because there is nothing more to see than yesterday.  I ran the whole lighter line issue by some experienced surrogates and pretty much heard the same thing.  A lot of them never had a dark line, some had a dark line and a light line with the same brand of test at the same time and one woman had a negative test while her beta was over 700 (crazy high beta).  Also how potent my urine is will effect the hCG detection.  We are only nine days past ovulation.  The tests are meant to be taken the first day of a missed period which is usually fourteen days post ovulation so we are still ahead of the curve.  I am just having to realize we might not get a dark line before the beta. 

Our beta hCG test is scheduled for this Friday at 11am.  Results in the afternoon!  

September 5 – Day Six Post Transfer (Ten days post ovulation)

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) starts to enter the blood stream 

This is the day ALL my sources say you are most likely to START seeing results on home pregnancy tests but it would have been real painful to wait to test this long. 

Update 9/5 a.m.: Morning Temperature 98.1.  I had crazy dreams last night and a lot of them and I don’t normally have crazy dreams. Update 9/5 pm:  I have felt a lot of tugging on my uterus today especially with stretching and moving.  It is concentrated mostly on my right side.  My energy level is good and my appetite is normal.  I am craving fruit.  I did some gardening and shopping today taking extra water breaks.  I moved at a slower pace I think more because of the caution in my head, not in response to my body.     

Update 9-5 am:  This morning’s HPT is very definite.  There is no denying the pink plus line!  I am ecstatic, I mean I already know without a doubt I’m pregnant but solid lines are helpful and a relief after yesterdays woosy lines! 🙂

Update 9/5 pm:  I took digital this afternoon! 

September 6 – Day Seven Post Transfer (Eleven days post ovulation)

Fetal development continues and hCG continues to be secreted 

Update 9/6 pm: Morning Temperature 97.7, just .2 higher than my base so my temp is pretty much back to normal.  There was not much going on with my symptoms today, more of the same.  I am very aware of my uterus and absolutely love how much I can feel pressure/tugging on it at times.  As with the last few days, the feeling is mostly when I move or stretch.  I had a real busy day and my energy level kept up just fine.  My appetite seems to be normal though I am quite aware of when it is several hours after the last time I ate.  I experienced some mild nausea this evening.  Nausea seems to correlate with being several hours from the last meal.  

I took a digital pregnancy test this morning and it was positive.  I took a regular one tonight and it had a nice pink line.  I love peeing on a stick when it shows me what I want to see! 

September 7 – Day Eight Post Transfer (Twelve days post ovulation)

Fetal development continues and hCG continues to be secreted 

Update9/7 pm:  Today I didn’t seem to have very many symptoms other than being tired but it was a busy day again.  Tomorrow will be a much slower day and I look forward to lots of rest.  I can still feel my some tugging on my uterus but not as much as yesterday.  Today my appetite is a little lower than normal.  I did have more moments of nausea today than yesterday. 

I had my blood drawn at the clinic today, a day earlier than they normally get the first beta.  Our beta hCG was 56.89 which is a nice strong beta. We are like officially, officially, officially pregnant now!  My next beta will be next Tuesday 9/11, in four days, and the beta should be much higher to prove the pregnancy is progressing.  The beta typically doubles every 48 hours.

In case you are wondering, yes I did take a HPT this morning.  I am noticing a pattern, my night tests always gets a darker line than my morning.  Maybe it’s because I drink too much water before bed?  Who knows! 

September 8 – Day Nine Post Transfer (Thirteen days post ovulation)

Levels of hCG are now high enough to detect a pregnancy

Update 9/8pm:  I do believe today we are four weeks pregnant even though these babies have only been growing in me for nine days!  I did not have many symptoms of the pregnancy today.  I was bummed to not be feeling much pressure in my uterus but then as the day went on I was aware once again of the pressure/tugging in my uterus. 

This is the day I will have my blood drawn at the Fertility clinic! I had my beta test a day early 8dp5dt and got a beta of 56.89!

We still won’t know if I am carrying twins until after the ultrasound in about three and a half weeks.  Just so you know I think the boys are dying.  The suspense is more intense than I would have thought for myself and I can’t image how bad it is for them.  I have the advantage of the feelings in my body.  I had no idea I would be so aware of it!  And here is a little confession.  I’ve taken more home pregnancy tests than I mentioned above.  Day two I took two – absolute insanity I know.  Yesterday I was so bummed by the one that didn’t show anything that the next time and this morning I took two tests at the same time.  I don’t want to waste that urine you know, I can only pee so many times a day.  I know that morning urine is best or at least some that’s been in there a little bit.  I know I’m acting unreasonably, I think one a day would do but the only thing it hurts is my pocket book and Chris and Marce have been giving me a set amount of moola JUST to cover incidentals like travel (since I live close no extra travel funds are needed), a few of the vitamins I wouldn’t otherwise be taking, postage, etc. and now I’ll add, HPT’s to the incidental list!  Rarely have I needed the full amount so I’m just saying, they are funding my HPT addiction and I see no reason to curb it.  We’ll see what Jason has to say if I end up needing more (I will). 😉

I hope you guys are enjoying this as much as I am!  The first thing my son (ten years) asked this morning when he woke up was if I had a good line on the pee test this morning.  Nuff said.

Update 10/6: 
At 12dp5dt our beta hCG was 475
At 6weeks, 6 days our ultrasound showed that we are carrying ONE healthy baby!

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  • Robin

    YAY for a BFP! Congrats. I hope that line continues to get darker.

  • Anonymous

    I was so not expecting to see this today… Lol… Wouldn’t you think a faithful son would text his mother with this kind of news? Well, he didn’t… Lol… and he’s in big trouble now… Did I say I’m excited?!?! Happy day! 🙂

  • greatdana

    Technically I should not be calling for an all out party quite yet. If I posted this on one of the surrogacy forums they would say, “CAUTIOUS congratulations.” But I’ll take our joys as we get them. If we are not pregnant it will be disappointing no matter but we are pregnant and I hope to have a real strong line to show soon!

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad you share… It so so exciting! and I totally understand the testing… and your son, how adoreable 🙂 Lol… You are appreciated! 🙂

  • Jeni

    Yay! Fantastic news!

    I totally agree with you on the sharing with others part…live THIS awesome moment, not waiting for a disappointment. That’s such a negative view! You’re TOTALLY pregnant! And I agree…I think it’s twins. Gotten a positive on a digital yet?

  • greatdana

    Thank you Anonymous 🙂 and Jeni! I don’t have any digitals. I’m going to go get some. I was afraid it would just say no instead of letting me glimpse a little line! But this morning my line got lighter and while I have found that to be normal depending on the amt of fluid and my diet etc… I didn’t like it one bit so I’d kind of like to see the work “pregnant” the line game it getting tiring. 🙂

  • Jessica

    First congrats to you and your IFs!! a line is a line!!! My first BFP last week was darker then the one I got the day after and it was a bit unnerving to say the least…but there are so many factors i.e. the urine concentration that make such a big difference!Looking forward to Friday!!!
    Ahhh!!!!!!! I can’t seem to prove I’m ‘not a robot’ on my fourth attempt make that five…

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