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The RE got some amazing pictures at the nine week three day ultrasound.  I posted some videos here and now behold snapshots of Marce and Chris’ baby about a week ago at the nine week three day ultrasound:  This is the head and body viewing it from the front of …continue reading

Subchorionic Hematoma, Subchorionic Hemorrhage, Blood Clot –  Yesterday I had another ultrasound to check up on the Subchorionic Hematoma the doctor found in the 9 week ultrasound.  We were hoping it would get smaller.  The doc didn’t actually tell us I had Subchorionic Hematoma, he just said I had a spot …continue reading

Technical Difficulties

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I’m so not the technical one in my family, I just like to share parts of my life and especially this surrogacy story with others and so I manage to learn the basic technical skills I need to do that.  Last night in order to free up space to download …continue reading

Nine Week Ultrasound

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Yesterday was our nine week ultrasound, nine weeks and three days to be precise!  This ultrasound was mainly to check for fetal movement.  As with almost every single step in the surrogacy I was fully excited and slightly anxious.  Marce and Chris were both there but I missed their parents! …continue reading

Nine weeks!

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Check out the little baby ticker to the right of this.  That’s right we are nine weeks and one day pregnant.  In about thirty-one more weeks Marce and Chris will be welcoming their baby into their arms. Everything is going well here.  My symptoms of this pregnancy are bi-polar.  One day I’m …continue reading

I’m being more selfish than I admitted when I was saying why I wanted to be a surrogate.  It has become more than just helping a couple create a family, being pregnant and giving birth again and more than contributing to my family financially.  I’m realizing with clarity how this is …continue reading

I asked our nurse coordinator after the positive betas and then the ultrasound if I could exercise as usual.  Both times she said to walk only.  It’s killing me!  She said to get clearance from the OBGYN, probably after the first trimester in order to return to my “boot camp” which is …continue reading

Eight weeks!

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Check it out!  Today we are eight weeks pregnant!  The baby is the size of a kidney bean and my uterus has doubled in size. My son says my belly looks like it normally does but it looks like it does if I gain a few pounds and I’ve actually …continue reading

The ultrasound wasn’t scheduled until 2:30 last Friday just to make sure anticipation was at a max.  When I showed up the waiting room was packed with Marce & Chris and both of their parents, a beautiful group of people.  This was actually the first time their parents had met, one set …continue reading