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Twenty weeks!!!

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This picture is from Saturday which marked twenty weeks!  We are half way to seeing this baby to its parents!   Everything is good here.  At six and a half inches and ten and a half ounces the baby is around the size of a banana!  My belly had grown …continue reading

I just want to take this moment to prove to the world that I have the best big sister in the world.  Look at what she got me for Christmas.  (Yes, we opened gifts a day early since we are traveling early tomorrow to my Grandparents house.)   I mean, …continue reading

From Pushes to Kicks!

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For a long time I have felt movement, like pressure especially when lying on my back.  I can feel just where the baby is, always favoring the right side of my belly.  Lately when I feel the definition of my uterus and the baby I notice that it is above …continue reading

Sixteen Weeks!

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Check us out!  We are sixteen weeks pregnant!  Today for the second time I had a friend automatically put their hands on my belly when they saw me – I’m getting a little pooch!  I’ll let you know the first time a stranger asks if I’m pregnant.  I can feel …continue reading