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This has nothing to do with surrogacy but I am moved by this brave woman, Jaielyn who is doing the number one job that we parents ever do – advocating for what is best for our children.   She is exclusively breastfeeding her newborn son but has been told by …continue reading

First of all, yea!!! We are at 24 weeks today!  So pregnant!  I’m still doing great and things are going well.  There are definitely some noticeable pregnancy symptoms by now, a lot of them starting in the last two to three weeks. For me 24 weeks pregnant looks like the following: Everyone …continue reading

Twenty-Three Weeks

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Today we are twenty-three weeks pregnant!  Everything is going well and I am feeling good.  The baby weights a little more than a pound and is around 11 inches long!  Her movements have become stronger and I can see them through my belly at times!  My appetite is definitely increasing.  I’m not …continue reading

Everything is good with the baby and me.  I had an appointment with the midwife last Tuesday.  Sometimes I wonder how they finagle all these appointments.  All they do is get my weight and blood pressure and now measure my belly.  I try to come up with some questions to pretend …continue reading

It’s a…

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GIRL! The ultrasound went well today.  The technician was able to get all the shots she needed and while of course she couldn’t tell us if everything looks good or not, it sure felt like everything was as it should be.  We saw the heart, brain, tummy, bladder, arms and legs, hands …continue reading