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My big sis came out from Colorado for the long weekend and she and I headed to my twin sister’s house for the weekend.  We are having such a good time!  We visited my grandparents, watched a couple movies in the theater,  hosted an awesome game night with a bunch of …continue reading

Check me out!  Here is a 26 week pic!  Baby’s getting big!  I’m feeling great, adjusting to the big belly, loving my sleep time and carrying on with life as usual!  The baby moves and kicks a lot.  Both my kids felt her move for the first time this week. …continue reading

I always thought I just don’t like to shop for clothes because everything cost money and I don’t like to spend money.  I should have known it’s not the money though because much to my husbands chagrin I have no trouble dropping the doe at say The Rebuilding Center, a used furniture store or a …continue reading