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A Very Special Wedding

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As if it is not enough of an honor to have been chosen by Marce and Chris to be their surrogate and to be carrying their baby, I had the privilege of recently attending their wedding!  How many surrogates get to go to the wedding of the parents whose baby they are carrying?!! It was such …continue reading

Thirty Two Weeks

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Yes you heard me correctly.  We are thirty two weeks pregnant!  In roughly two months this baby girl, who has been beautifully named E – ya sorry that part isn’t mine to share, *insert beautiful sweet strong name* – will be staring into her fathers’ eyes cooing as they feed and bounce …continue reading

A Walk Down Memory Lane

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Word on the street is that I’m big.  At least, I’m carrying big.  To be honest if I didn’t hear it from so many people I don’t think I would feel like I’m any more big than the average pregnant lady.  Isn’t that what happens when we are pregnant, we get big? …continue reading

Every year a friend of mine has a party to celebrate Women’s Day.  We get all dressed up, gather, drink (kombucha in a fancy cup for me), eat and mingle till our little hearts are content.  Before starting her family my friend spent some time through the Peace Corps in Moldova where …continue reading

Last Saturday we were Twenty Eight weeks which felt like a big deal to me not only because the chance of survival in case of preterm labor is fairly high at that point but mostly because if feels like one day Marce and Chirs’ baby might actually be here!!! Twelve …continue reading


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Say it with me, self-care.  It’s what we should all be doing but most of us are so busy caring for others and running the rat race that we fail to truly take care of ourselves.  I however have this beautiful reason called pregnancy which urges me to take care …continue reading