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Full term at thirty-seven weeks. Check Finish the broiler’s chicken coop. Check Pedicure. Check Fix car. Who needs a car?  (Part needed not available today.) Review birth video with Caitlin (7) to make sure she is ready for what is her heart’s desire, to attend the birth in preparation for the six …continue reading

This past Saturday marked thirty-six weeks!  One more week until we are full term, four weeks until our due date!  E has dropped at least a little.  I can feel movement that used to be above my belly button right at my belly button (her legs and feet).  I think she has …continue reading

We are thirty five and a half weeks pregnant.  Word on the street is that despite my desire to go into labor, birth Baby E and let Marce and Chris take over, it’s not time.  I just have to wait because my body and Miss E know that it’s too soon.  So …continue reading

I just wanted to give a quick update that I am sleeping this week and probably not coincidentally everything seems to be feeling better for me.  I was fairly uncomfortable last week but this week is just another week in pregnancy.  Nothing is really a big deal.  I mean I’m still big …continue reading

We have entered the weeks in pregnancy that Mother Nature designed us women to forget lest we choose never to procreate again.  I doubt there is a woman out there who really, truly remembers the discomfort of the last weeks of pregnancy or the birth for that matter. My growing …continue reading