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This will be long.  It will be detailed and I will talk about everything including poop.  This is the beautiful story about Baby E and the day she entered the world.  My birth story will include the parts that were not ideal about her birth.  For a simple happy announcement …continue reading

I know, you want to see the Birth Story not the Birth Plan!  But I’m not there yet. Healing is hard work and I thought you should see the birth plan anyway.  It’s different when it’s a surrogacy situation. This is a copy of our birth plan.  Part Two pertains to …continue reading

Instead of posting the thirty nine week pregnancy picture I’ll just show you the baby who came thirty nine weeks and two days!!!   Baby E    Born May 13   Eight Pounds Four Ounces   Twenty and a Half Inches Long     Healthy Beautiful Loved Special Happy Adored …continue reading

Thirty Eight Weeks

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Check us out!  Yesterday we were thirty-eight weeks!  If you look at the count down to the right it says thirteen days!  That is so doable plus we all know E could decide to come at any minute.     Contractions (Braxton Hicks) are definitely getting stronger these days.  Sometimes they come …continue reading