Eighteen weeks pregnant on 8/15! I'm feeling amazinly well, getting lots of movement and even some good kicks!
Instead of posting the thirty nine week pregnancy picture I’ll just show you the baby who came thirty nine weeks and two days!!!

Baby E 

Born May 13

Eight Pounds Four Ounces

Twenty and a Half Inches Long



I will not keep you waiting long for the birth story but I wanted you to know she is earth-side now.  Her parents are over the moon, the world has stopped for them as they fall in love with their daughter whom they are home with tonight!  I am fully satisfied.  Grandparents are beside themselves.   The world just became a more beautiful place to live.  Welcome Baby E!

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  • jess

    Smile smile smile!

  • Ariana Mullins

    So wonderful, Dana!! I am so happy for the parents, for that sweet babe, and for you. Wishing you a smooth recovery. I know what that’s like, for sure. Wish I could bring you a meal…

  • Kim

    Wow! Congratulations to all of you! Can’t wait to hear more!
    This brought such a smile to my face and is such a great way to start the day!

  • Anonymous

    I hope you are feeling good and soon back to pre-preg :) … You are the most amazing woman Dana and there aren’t enough words to thank you for this whole experience and for giving our family this gift of life…

    Your daughter is the best too and your sister… I’m glad we were able to meet them…

    Sending my love <3

    E’s Grandma,(Lol, I love that sound!)

  • Melissa

    Happy happy news! Congrats to all. She is adorable.

  • Tammy

    Congratulations to you and E’s new parents!!! Good job cooking that little bundle of perfection, she’s a beauty! Can’t wait to hear the details, but take the time you need to rest up.

  • Jeff and Kevin

    Welcome to the world baby girl! Congrats to all!!!

  • Roz

    Congratulations to you all !! :-) enjoy this amazing moment.

  • Michael

    How wonderful! Congratulations to everyone involved in this great journey.

  • The Microwave

    Congratulations and awesome job!!! I was one day and 6 oz. off my guess (May 14th 8 lbs. 10 oz.) :) I’m so happy for you and Baby E’s family! Can’t wait to read the birth story!

  • Amy

    what a little cutie pie!! Congrats to all!!

  • Carrie

    Congrats to you all! You grew a beautiful baby! I have enjoyed following your journey since the beginning, now take care and rest.

  • Amanda B

    Congratulations to you and the happy parents! It is such a beautiful, generous gift that you gave them (and I am sure it was worth every single penny to them!!). Baby E is gorgeous!! Thank you for helping to make the world a more beautiful, wonderful place.

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