Maybe you think once E was born I lost contact with Marce and Chris or assume I just must not have any pictures or updates to share.  The truth is I have been getting pictures and updates and much of my world still revolves around E as I am pumping milk for her throughout each day (and night).  I’ve just been selfish (and busy) and haven’t made it on here to update!  Forgive me please and wait no more.

E is doing real well.  She is consistently at the top of the charts in her weight and height measurements, the same percentiles give or take as she was in the womb and at birth.  The last weight I had for her was around fourteen pounds at two months.

When her dads first brought her home she loved nothing more than to be held at night and they took turns every other night so each could rotate getting a solid few hours of sleep.  Now she sleeps in her crib mostly but of course at only three months she still wakes and loves to go back to sleep on dads’ chest.

She has been happy and healthy and thriving by all standards.  Marce and Chris send me pictures and updates and they make my day every time.  She’s such a sweet beauty.

Summer is coming to an end soon, as signified in our household by the start of youth football, and the kids will be starting school again so I do hope to share more on this blog as I have so much more to say about this amazing journey!  In the mean time I hope you all are having such a great summer and for my surro friends and IP’s I can’t wait to get caught up with what’s going on with you!

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  • ~J~

    0What a cutie she is!!

  • Michael

    Glad to hear all is well with you, your family, Marce, Chris and baby E.

  • Alison

    Adorable! Thanks for sharing!

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