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Strong Betas!

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Everything is looking real fantastic!   Nine days after the transfer (9dp5dt) I had a beta hCG of 61. Twelve days after the transfer (12dp5dt) beta hCG was a strong 296.8. Fourteen days after the transfer (14dp5dt) beta hCG was a strong 744.3. I am feeling great.  I really can’t even …continue reading

We are pregnant!!!

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The lines on the at home pregnancy tests have been telling us so since the fourth day after the transfer otherwise known as 4dp5dt aka four days post five day transfer aka four days after the transfer of a five day old embryo (which in our case had been previously …continue reading

The excitement, fear and anticipation that preceded the transfer is much like that which precedes going on a very big and tall amusement park ride.  Here is a little ditty from our ride to the embryo transfer yesterday.  🙂  

Embryo Transfer!

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It is done!  I am lying in bed enjoying every second of my strict bed rest – my head elevated no more than a forty five degree angle.  The transfer went really well yesterday.  We transferred one healthy five day embryo categorized as a 6AA which as far as I …continue reading