Embryo Transfer!

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It is done!  I am lying in bed enjoying every second of my strict bed rest – my head elevated no more than a forty five degree angle.  The transfer went really well yesterday.  We transferred one healthy five day embryo categorized as a 6AA which as far as I can tell is about as good as it gets. The six refers to the fact that the embryo was hatched out of the shell and the AA indicates that it had many tightly packed cells forming a cohesive layer.
I have been preparing for the transfer all week.  Mentally I’ve been going out of my mind with excitement, which has not been very good for me on the school front as transfer preoccupation does not make for efficient midterm studying.   My house was clean, fridge full and I was ready! 
I’ve been going to acupuncture for the last month to help my body into optimal condition to prepare for pregnancy and implantation.  I scheduled an appointment with the amazing Sara Baden for the morning of the transfer, mostly as a final bit of relaxation and purposeful preparation.  Of course I have been taking medications for the last month to prepare my body, as well.

Jason took me to the reproductive endocrinologists.  They gave me a Valium to help me and my uterus relax for the transfer so a ride home is mandatory.  From the transfer on through the next day, I am ordered to be lying down so having a chauffeur also allowed me to recline for the ride home.
One of the best parts of the transfer was getting to see Marce, Chris and Eileena again!  You guys, Eileena is seriously the sweetest, most fantastic baby.  She warmed right up to me and was just a delight! 
Jason, me and Eileena!  She so let me hold her and play with her!  You can see I’m all gowned up for the transfer. Before they wheeled me in I also got little booties and a hair net.
The embryo transfer was quick and painless.  Chris got to come back for it.  The environment was the same as last time.  They had quiet piano music playing to relax me and the lights dimmed, the doctor using medical equipment screens to guide him.  It’s all business with the doctor, nurse and embryologist – a quiet, serious environment.  After the transfer I was taken back into our small room and lay still on the bed (not as conducive to playing with the baby) for an hour.  Then, we were discharged, Marce and Chris to make a long drive back home and me a forty five minute trip home.
Below is a picture of the amazing Eileena who I got to have on my lap while I was wheel-chaired to the car.  We have a great picture of the whole crew responsible for all this awesomeness (minus countless medical, legal and agency type expertise).  Jason, Chris and Marce behind me with an embryo on board and Eileena on my lap!  I sort of felt like M&C’s parents were missing from the party but they will come in later!  After-all, you normally don’t have your parents there for conception.  We will have a pregnancy test next Friday!

For a much more detailed account of what the embryo transfer is like, check out this post from the last journey!

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