I have wonderful news to report!  Our three strong betas were indeed followed by an ultrasound at seven weeks (last Friday) which showed one healthy baby with a nice strong heartbeat in the 130s!  Chris was able to come and record the ultrasound.  We had transferred one embryo and couldn’t be happier!  


I am still taking progesterone in oil, Delestrogen and Endometrin and will probably continue until around week ten when we have our next and hopefully final ultrasound with the reproductive endocrinologist (RE).  After that, if all is well, we will be sent on our way for regular prenatal care!  
Flowers from a friend – do note the needles and
sharps container in the background. 😉 Ah, the
life of a surrogate!

My hips/backside is swollen and full of knots from the progesterone in oil injections – worse than last journey and I’m not sure why.  This Friday, I go in for a blood test and I’ll find out if I can rotate the location of the injection to my thighs some times.  It’s just impossible to find a spot to do the injection that isn’t still recovering from a previous one – but I’ll be done with the injections soon!

Otherwise, I am doing real well.  We are seven weeks and three days pregnant today!  The baby is between the size of a blueberry and a kidney bean and I’m pooching my tummy out like a boss! 😉  I have had some really tired days where I could just sleep for twenty hours in a row but for the most part I’m feeling pretty normal.  I am not nauseous but I definitely need to eat first thing in the morning.  
Forgive my delay in this update – it’s so selfish of me to keep good news to myself!  May was an incredibly busy month for me between school, the usual madness, and a new volunteer position I’ve taken on and the training, conference and extra meetings that went along with it.  Plus, we’ve been busy making a baby, obviously!  There are a lot of appointments at first to check the beta progression and monitor hormones. 
Also, my sweet Papa passed away May 10.  He was a few weeks shy of 90 years old and the backbone to my gigantic, amazing family.  Papa was a farmer who raised cows and pigs and always grew the most stunning garden.  He was a WWII Veteran, a gentle man, a story teller who got peaceful satisfaction from watching the cows eat, petting his cat and being around family.  Papa could fix or build anything and was thrifty, clever and a hard worker.  I credit so much of who I am to him and my Grams.  Isn’t this how life often works, muddling the precious good (new babies!) with the heartbreak and sad?  We are going to miss him so much.  It’s been a bittersweet month. 
Sweep Papa about twelve years ago with one of my nieces.

Anyone remember what we were doing around this time last year?  Back to the super fun stuff – Eileena turned one in May!!!!!  I can’t believe I just gave birthto her a little over a year ago!  Can you?  I can’t believe I’m pregnant with her sibling!  My daughter Caitlin and I were soooooo happy to get to go to her birthday party!  She is just the cutest happiest doll in the whole world.  

Eileena & Caitlin and a little Birthday cake!
 Thanks for reading!  I look forward to sharing this journey with you!  

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  • Michael

    Happy birthday, Eileena! How exciting to celebrate a year. It is an accomplishment for your IPs. Glad to hear things are going well for this pregnancy minus those awful shots. Sorry to hear about your loss, though, but glad to know there are some very good things going on that help you get through this tough time.

  • Amy

    Oh wow, she’s so cute and Congratulations! Ive just come back to my surro blog as I have just agreed to be an altruistic Surrogate again!! The I come here and see you are already there!! lol!! (great minds 😉 )

  • Anonymous

    It was so nice to see you and Caitlin at the birthday party, �� Caitlin has grown so much in this last year and you look fantastic!
    I’m sorry to hear of your loss, it’s always so difficult…I have this feeling that you inherited his wonderful gift of story telling and his memory will live on through you… (((hugs)))
    C’s mom

  • Deb

    What a wonderful gift you give! It makes me wish I were young enough to do likewise! C is gorgeous, and I know her sibling will be perfect too!

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