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Fourteen Week Update

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We are fourteen weeks and three days pregnant today!   Officially in the second trimester!  I almost feel guilty for how good I feel since many suffer so much in early pregnancy.  I was sort of bracing myself to be sick and nauseous, sure my luck had run out since there was so …continue reading

Are you a surrogate or an Intended Parent who has a nice blog that you update on a regularish basis?  I  would love to add your blog to my, “Favorite Surrogacy Sites” list.  I sort of lost some of old favorites in my blog re-design.  If you are interested, please add your URL …continue reading

Ten Week Ultrasound

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We had the ten week ultrasound at precisely 9w5d.  Everything looked great: heartbeat, size, head, body, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet, toes, spine, brain, face, everything!  Did I mention toes?  At ten weeks the baby was only the size of a prune and we could see toes already!  Toes!  Chris and …continue reading