Twenty-seven weeks! Solid kicks, solid pregnancy and no complaints. Update coming soon....

Are you a surrogate or an Intended Parent who has a nice blog that you update on a regularish basis?  I  would love to add your blog to my, “Favorite Surrogacy Sites” list.  I sort of lost some of old favorites in my blog re-design.  If you are interested, please add your URL to the comments section here or send me a message on my contact page!  Surrogacy is one of those things future intended parents and surrogates can not read enough about so the more resources I can link to, the better!

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  • jeannette

    I’m excited to follow your journey!!

  • Elizabeth

    I would love to be listed on your blog as one of your favorite surrogacy sites! :)

  • Josi

    I don’t have a blog…and am not totally sure how to even start one. BUT I am currently in the beginning of my first GC journey and would love to blog about it. Can you walk me through the process of setting up a blog??

  • Julie

    Now that my journey is moving forward I’ll be updating more often! :)

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