We are pregnant!!!

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The lines on the at home pregnancy tests have been telling us so since the fourth day after the transfer otherwise known as 4dp5dt aka four days post five day transfer aka four days after the transfer of a five day old embryo (which in our case had been previously …continue reading

Today’s Beta at 12dp5dt, (twelve days post five day embryo transfer) or 17dpo (seventeen days past ovulation), or 4 weeks 3 days past the first day of the last menstrual cycle (the date the pregnancy calendar begins) is 475!  I repeat, our Beta hCG is 475!!!At 8dp5dt our beta hCG was 57. This …continue reading

Beta results are in!

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Beta hCG is 56.89 8dp5dt.  The test was taken a day sooner than normal, usually it would be done 9dp5dt.  The NC said likely it would be in the 80’s tomorrow based on today’s number.  This sounds like a strong singleton to me but I am far from an expert.  We …continue reading

Call me crazy (again) but I can feel myself getting pregnant.  There is a heaviness, at times, the mildest of cramping more like a flutter.  It feels like I’m getting ready to start my period.  I will be shocked if these fellas are not already settling in.  I know they …continue reading