Basics of Surrogacy

I did it again.  My last video was like half me babbling and half me actually taking the shots (if you haven’t noticed, I like to talk) so I did a quicker recording.  It’s obviously extremely home made but I figure I’m putting myself out here anyway and this is …continue reading

Let’s start with the baby!  It’s the question everyone has for me and it’s a fair question.  All along people have been wondering if it would be hard for me to “give up” the baby.  A lot of women tell me they couldn’t do surrogacy because either they hate being pregnant …continue reading

This will be long.  It will be detailed and I will talk about everything including poop.  This is the beautiful story about Baby E and the day she entered the world.  My birth story will include the parts that were not ideal about her birth.  For a simple happy announcement …continue reading

I know, you want to see the Birth Story not the Birth Plan!  But I’m not there yet. Healing is hard work and I thought you should see the birth plan anyway.  It’s different when it’s a surrogacy situation. This is a copy of our birth plan.  Part Two pertains to …continue reading

This past Saturday marked thirty-six weeks!  One more week until we are full term, four weeks until our due date!  E has dropped at least a little.  I can feel movement that used to be above my belly button right at my belly button (her legs and feet).  I think she has …continue reading

Everything is good with the baby and me.  I had an appointment with the midwife last Tuesday.  Sometimes I wonder how they finagle all these appointments.  All they do is get my weight and blood pressure and now measure my belly.  I try to come up with some questions to pretend …continue reading

Beta – what it means.

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I keep sitting down to write on my other blog but then find myself here… it’s just more fun over here where lives are being created and families are being made! What I’ve learned about the beta… The Beta hCG levels are evidence that you are pregnant or not.  An increasing …continue reading

The Transfer!

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I had my alarm set for 6:01am but Jason’s (my husband) went off at 5:50.  We got up (yes, kudos for me from those who know me) and I went with him to drop him off at his work which is nine blocks from the RE’s office.  The plan was for him …continue reading

Call me crazy but I just uploaded a video showing how I give myself intramuscular shots.  I really hope this helps some surrogate or woman undergoing fertility treatment to make up for the nerves I have about posting this publicly. (:

Photo Caption I think after a few tidbits about super important things like CONTRACTS I will be caught up on the steps from when I first contacted an agency to the present.  It has worked out well to back track since not much is going on right now. At the …continue reading