Belly Pic

Backtracking, late Saturday night, January 7th I had what felt like real labor (it was but then it stopped).  The contractions were harder than Braxton Hicks and regular for about five hours!  I called my sister up from Eugene and notified the Intended Parents, Marce and Chris, who live a …continue reading

Thirty-seven Weeks

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We are just over thirty-seven weeks pregnant, due mid-January.  Everything is still good, with no issues besides the discomfort of being a million pounds and counting.  I am certainly at the beached whale phase, energy level is dwindling. I did have a little crazy “nesting” episode the other day (just …continue reading

Fourteen Week Update

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We are fourteen weeks and three days pregnant today!   Officially in the second trimester!  I almost feel guilty for how good I feel since many suffer so much in early pregnancy.  I was sort of bracing myself to be sick and nauseous, sure my luck had run out since there was so …continue reading

Twelve Week Belly Pic

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Today we are twelve weeks pregnant!  I’ve really been looking forward to this day.  The baby is about the size of a lime. I know there is no magical stage to make it besides full term but I do keep hearing that by twelve weeks the chances of losing a …continue reading

Eight weeks!

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Check it out!  Today we are eight weeks pregnant!  The baby is the size of a kidney bean and my uterus has doubled in size. My son says my belly looks like it normally does but it looks like it does if I gain a few pounds and I’ve actually …continue reading

Four weeks along!

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We are four weeks pregnant today.  I suppose I should start the belly pictures.  Consider this your before picture.  The only baby related change to my body could be compared to mild bloating you would experience with your menstrual cycle.  The babies are the size of a poppy seed! It’s strange to consider this as four …continue reading