Birth Plan

Backtracking, late Saturday night, January 7th I had what felt like real labor (it was but then it stopped).  The contractions were harder than Braxton Hicks and regular for about five hours!  I called my sister up from Eugene and notified the Intended Parents, Marce and Chris, who live a …continue reading

Thirty-seven Weeks

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We are just over thirty-seven weeks pregnant, due mid-January.  Everything is still good, with no issues besides the discomfort of being a million pounds and counting.  I am certainly at the beached whale phase, energy level is dwindling. I did have a little crazy “nesting” episode the other day (just …continue reading

I know, you want to see the Birth Story not the Birth Plan!  But I’m not there yet. Healing is hard work and I thought you should see the birth plan anyway.  It’s different when it’s a surrogacy situation. This is a copy of our birth plan.  Part Two pertains to …continue reading