Delestrogen Injections

I did it again.  My last video was like half me babbling and half me actually taking the shots (if you haven’t noticed, I like to talk) so I did a quicker recording.  It’s obviously extremely home made but I figure I’m putting myself out here anyway and this is …continue reading

Subchorionic Hematoma, Subchorionic Hemorrhage, Blood Clot –  Yesterday I had another ultrasound to check up on the Subchorionic Hematoma the doctor found in the 9 week ultrasound.  We were hoping it would get smaller.  The doc didn’t actually tell us I had Subchorionic Hematoma, he just said I had a spot …continue reading

Nine Week Ultrasound

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Yesterday was our nine week ultrasound, nine weeks and three days to be precise!  This ultrasound was mainly to check for fetal movement.  As with almost every single step in the surrogacy I was fully excited and slightly anxious.  Marce and Chris were both there but I missed their parents! …continue reading

Eight weeks!

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Check it out!  Today we are eight weeks pregnant!  The baby is the size of a kidney bean and my uterus has doubled in size. My son says my belly looks like it normally does but it looks like it does if I gain a few pounds and I’ve actually …continue reading

The Wait –We are 25 hours away from the transfer!  Waiting yesterday was easier than waiting today and it was not easy yesterday.  The last year has been full of me figuring out how to distract myself from the wait!  I distracted myself through being busy in life in general, …continue reading

Another Quick Update

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A few random things- I start Delestorgen on Monday!  This is the drug that gets my uterus all nice and fluffy ready to receive the embryos.  Delestrogen is administered via an intramuscular injection which I will give myself twice a week.   We are still scheduled for an embryo transfer around the 30th of …continue reading

Today is day 12 of my medications which will have me all ready for the transfer in a couple weeks.  I am finished with birth control and since yesterday I’m finished with the antibiotic, Delestrogen Doxycycline, until it gets closer to the transfer.  Now I’m just taking an aspirin, a prenatal vitamin and Lupron …continue reading

Mock Cycle

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I did my mock cycle toward the beginning of March.  It was about two weeks long and was basically to see how I would respond to the medications and for the Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) to check for abnormalities in my uterine cavity, to determine the ease of passing the embryo catheter and …continue reading