Embryo Transfer

The excitement, fear and anticipation that preceded the transfer is much like that which precedes going on a very big and tall amusement park ride.  Here is a little ditty from our ride to the embryo transfer yesterday.  🙂  

Embryo Transfer!

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It is done!  I am lying in bed enjoying every second of my strict bed rest – my head elevated no more than a forty five degree angle.  The transfer went really well yesterday.  We transferred one healthy five day embryo categorized as a 6AA which as far as I …continue reading

The Transfer!

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I had my alarm set for 6:01am but Jason’s (my husband) went off at 5:50.  We got up (yes, kudos for me from those who know me) and I went with him to drop him off at his work which is nine blocks from the RE’s office.  The plan was for him …continue reading