Endometrin side effects

Oh to talk politics or not?  I have a whole post drawn up but I think I’m going to be a good little blogger and simply offer my congratulations to the country for taking a step in the right direction for civil rights with Washington legalizing gay marriage, Maine and Maryland allowing for civil …continue reading

Nine weeks!

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Check out the little baby ticker to the right of this.  That’s right we are nine weeks and one day pregnant.  In about thirty-one more weeks Marce and Chris will be welcoming their baby into their arms. Everything is going well here.  My symptoms of this pregnancy are bi-polar.  One day I’m …continue reading

Photo Credit Tomorrow is the ultrasound!  The ultrasound is to confirm there is a fetal sack (or two) and hopefully we will get to hear the heartbeats as well.  We will be 6 weeks 6 days which is far enough along that we should be able to hear a heartbeat. …continue reading