Backtracking, late Saturday night, January 7th I had what felt like real labor (it was but then it stopped).  The contractions were harder than Braxton Hicks and regular for about five hours!  I called my sister up from Eugene and notified the Intended Parents, Marce and Chris, who live a …continue reading

Welcome Baby Boy!

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Exactly twenty months after Baby Girl E was born, her brother, Baby Boy E is finally earth side!  At thirty-nine weeks and five days gestation, Baby Boy E was born to his parents!  He is perfect in every way. Born January 13 Eight Pounds One Ounce Twenty and a Half …continue reading

This will be long.  It will be detailed and I will talk about everything including poop.  This is the beautiful story about Baby E and the day she entered the world.  My birth story will include the parts that were not ideal about her birth.  For a simple happy announcement …continue reading

Instead of posting the thirty nine week pregnancy picture I’ll just show you the baby who came thirty nine weeks and two days!!!   Baby E    Born May 13   Eight Pounds Four Ounces   Twenty and a Half Inches Long     Healthy Beautiful Loved Special Happy Adored …continue reading

A Very Special Wedding

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As if it is not enough of an honor to have been chosen by Marce and Chris to be their surrogate and to be carrying their baby, I had the privilege of recently attending their wedding!  How many surrogates get to go to the wedding of the parents whose baby they are carrying?!! It was such …continue reading

Subchorionic Hematoma, Subchorionic Hemorrhage, Blood Clot –  Yesterday I had another ultrasound to check up on the Subchorionic Hematoma the doctor found in the 9 week ultrasound.  We were hoping it would get smaller.  The doc didn’t actually tell us I had Subchorionic Hematoma, he just said I had a spot …continue reading

Nine Week Ultrasound

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Yesterday was our nine week ultrasound, nine weeks and three days to be precise!  This ultrasound was mainly to check for fetal movement.  As with almost every single step in the surrogacy I was fully excited and slightly anxious.  Marce and Chris were both there but I missed their parents! …continue reading

The faintest of lines!!

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It’s time to learn some fertility lingo.  The following test was taken 3.5dp5dt – that is three and a half days post a five day transfer.  In other words this test was taken three and a half days after the transfer which was of five day old embryos.   Can …continue reading

Call me crazy but I just uploaded a video showing how I give myself intramuscular shots.  I really hope this helps some surrogate or woman undergoing fertility treatment to make up for the nerves I have about posting this publicly. (:

Why surrogacy?  It’s a question I have been asked a lot – by friends, my husband, agencies, the intended parents, the psychologist, even my attorney asked.  I am fully committed to becoming a surrogate and I have met a couple – dedicated future parents – whose child(ren) I will help bring into the world.  There …continue reading