No Squinting Required!

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This morning’s HPT test is just what I wanted to see especially after yesterday morning’s test was another shadow, lighter than the day prior.  Suffice to say that messed with my head (and the boys) a little.  Perhaps that is why some people don’t do the HPT thing.  In the end I felt just fine …continue reading

The faintest of lines!!

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It’s time to learn some fertility lingo.  The following test was taken 3.5dp5dt – that is three and a half days post a five day transfer.  In other words this test was taken three and a half days after the transfer which was of five day old embryos.   Can …continue reading

The Transfer!

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I had my alarm set for 6:01am but Jason’s (my husband) went off at 5:50.  We got up (yes, kudos for me from those who know me) and I went with him to drop him off at his work which is nine blocks from the RE’s office.  The plan was for him …continue reading