Surrogate Birth Story

Backtracking, late Saturday night, January 7th I had what felt like real labor (it was but then it stopped).  The contractions were harder than Braxton Hicks and regular for about five hours!  I called my sister up from Eugene and notified the Intended Parents, Marce and Chris, who live a …continue reading

Incase you are like me and can’t get enough…. here is another beautiful surrogate birth story with some gorgeous pictures AND you can learn about the purple line because I know you’re dying to find out what that is. Re-blogged from Birth Without Fear. …I started repeatedly saying “I need something, …continue reading

This will be long.  It will be detailed and I will talk about everything including poop.  This is the beautiful story about Baby E and the day she entered the world.  My birth story will include the parts that were not ideal about her birth.  For a simple happy announcement …continue reading