Eighteen Weeks!

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We are just over eighteen weeks pregnant now! Time is flying. I am with regular prenatal care providers and loving them. This time I am with OHSU’s Center for Women’s Health instead of Kaizer and am really excited about the change. I’ve been so busy in a mostly good way …continue reading

Fourteen Week Update

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We are fourteen weeks and three days pregnant today!   Officially in the second trimester!  I almost feel guilty for how good I feel since many suffer so much in early pregnancy.  I was sort of bracing myself to be sick and nauseous, sure my luck had run out since there was so …continue reading

Are you a surrogate or an Intended Parent who has a nice blog that you update on a regularish basis?  I  would love to add your blog to my, “Favorite Surrogacy Sites” list.  I sort of lost some of old favorites in my blog re-design.  If you are interested, please add your URL …continue reading

Follow me on Twitter

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For any of you who are on Twitter – I’d love to connect with you!     I just set up an account so I can update in real time.  I can’t promise I’ll stick to surrogacy only tweets… 🙂    Find me! https://twitter.com/ReturnToSenders  

Check out my guest post at gDiapers! … By then I was showing so greatly it was not uncommon to get multiple comments each day to the tune of, “you must be ready to pop!” That day in Starbucks it was a grandma. She was sipping on her Frappuccino, asked …continue reading

Technical Difficulties

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I’m so not the technical one in my family, I just like to share parts of my life and especially this surrogacy story with others and so I manage to learn the basic technical skills I need to do that.  Last night in order to free up space to download …continue reading

From Erica at Blessings Along the Way.  She delivered her surrogate baby September 17.  Big congrats and what beautiful picture of baby and mama, it explains it all.  From Erica:    Welcome, Baby!! Someone once asked a surrogate mother, “How is it going to feel to give up the baby?”  The surrogate …continue reading

Call me crazy but I just uploaded a video showing how I give myself intramuscular shots.  I really hope this helps some surrogate or woman undergoing fertility treatment to make up for the nerves I have about posting this publicly. (:

Hot Flashes

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I do believe these super warm, sweaty almost claustrophobic type moments may be hot flashes.  I’m not sure how else to describe it but when I find myself actually fanning myself like I’ve seen so many menopausal ladies do, I feel like I’m almost part of a club.  If you live in the South or anywhere …continue reading

Of course beer and running have each other in common or at least they often go together.  Almost every run, certainly in the Portland area, serves beer, wine or whiskey at the end.  There is even a club that I meant to have already joined called, “Drinkers with a Running Problem.”  Although …continue reading