The baby is wonderful and I am too!  I just haven’t been updating because I’ve been SO BUSY!  I know, aren’t we all.  So this is what you’ve missed over the past ten weeks since my 18 week update – I finished off the summer by taking my kids camping …continue reading

I have wonderful news to report!  Our three strong betas were indeed followed by an ultrasound at seven weeks (last Friday) which showed one healthy baby with a nice strong heartbeat in the 130s!  Chris was able to come and record the ultrasound.  We had transferred one embryo and couldn’t …continue reading

Nine Week Ultrasound

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Yesterday was our nine week ultrasound, nine weeks and three days to be precise!  This ultrasound was mainly to check for fetal movement.  As with almost every single step in the surrogacy I was fully excited and slightly anxious.  Marce and Chris were both there but I missed their parents! …continue reading

Week Five!

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Yesterday was officially week five.  Marce and Chris’ baby/babies are due May 18!  We have received two solid beta hCG numbers.  Eight days after the transfer of two five day embryos our beta was 57 and twelve days after the transfer it was 475!  We won’t know more about the …continue reading

The Wait –We are 25 hours away from the transfer!  Waiting yesterday was easier than waiting today and it was not easy yesterday.  The last year has been full of me figuring out how to distract myself from the wait!  I distracted myself through being busy in life in general, …continue reading

Another Quick Update

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A few random things- I start Delestorgen on Monday!  This is the drug that gets my uterus all nice and fluffy ready to receive the embryos.  Delestrogen is administered via an intramuscular injection which I will give myself twice a week.   We are still scheduled for an embryo transfer around the 30th of …continue reading

Today is day 12 of my medications which will have me all ready for the transfer in a couple weeks.  I am finished with birth control and since yesterday I’m finished with the antibiotic, Delestrogen Doxycycline, until it gets closer to the transfer.  Now I’m just taking an aspirin, a prenatal vitamin and Lupron …continue reading

Med Start Update

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 Today is the 4th day of taking the prescribed medications in preparation for the embryo transfer which should happen around August 20 give or take.  The first two weeks of my meds are kinda boring.  I’m still taking birth control but only for two more days.  My husband and I are taking …continue reading

I AM IN RECEIPT OF A CALENDAR!!!! I will begin medications Monday 7/16. Tentative Egg Retrieval from the Egg Donor 8/15Tentative Embryo transfer five days later around 8/20First pregnancy test (blood work) two weeks after egg retrieval around 8/29 On another note, to get some sympathy and truly educate future surrogates and those who are curious …continue reading

I should be updating on how I’m tolerating the medications to prepare my body for the surrogacy but alas, I still haven’t started medications.  Last post I said things can change.  The delay this time?  Miscommunication. My instructions were simply the tentative schedule we were all given in an email: Lupron start: 7/9 Last …continue reading