Jason and I met Marcel and Chris in January and are very excited to be working with them to help them become dads!  Marce and Chris are both very smart.  They are busy, driven, thoughtful and conscientious. They have been committed to each other for a long time and seem to have a solid balanced relationship.

This, my friends, is about all I will share about Marcel and Chris which by the way isn’t their real names.  I just don’t always want to call them “the Intended Parents.”  You see, their story is not mine to tell.  I’m telling the part about me being a surrogate.  That is mine to tell.  I want to respect and am legally bound to respect their privacy!

For me this journey is the surrogacy.  The surrogacy is the beginning, middle and, for the most part, the end of my experience.  For Marcel and Chris it is just the beginning of the rest of their lives!  While I hope they enjoy the surrogacy and look back on it with joy, it is a means to an end – a beautiful end where they get to be parents!  Our experiences will be different.  I honestly cannot image what it must be like to trust someone else to carry your child.  They have to trust that I will eat healthy, organic and nourishing food and stick to the agreements we have made.  They have to trust me that I am going to exercise, listen to my body and go on bed rest if it’s ever prescribed.  They even have to trust that my husband and I will remain monogamous.  Of course we have to trust them to hold up their part of the bargain too but they have more at stake and I respect their position fiercely.  I hope trust comes easy so they can enjoy the process.  There may be things Marce or Chris would do if they could be pregnant that they have to maneuver with me.  To accommodate their preferences and concerns I will do things differently than if it were my pregnancy alone.

We have had different life experiences, upbringings et cetera but Marcel & Chris and Jason & I will work together to get them their baby!  So while this intro is general and brief, just take it from me, you’d like Marce and Chris.  I will let you know how things are from my point of view and I’ll get some links up to some intended parent’s blogs too!

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When We Met

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