August 2011 – Filled out an application with 1st agency. Requested Medical records be sent to agency.  Annual Exam with OBGYN.

October 2011 – Met with new agency.  Requested medical records to be sent to me.

November 2011 – Turned in medical records to agency.

January 2012 Met, liked and was liked by Intended Parents!  Psych Evaluation. Consult with Reproductive Endocrinologist.  Started working on Contracts. Home inspection with social worker

March 2012 – Finished Mock Cycle.  Obtained clearance from OBGYN.  Blood Work and urine analysis. Start Birth Control in order to sync cycle with egg donor.  

April 2012 – Established care with OHSU for prenatal care.

May 2012 – Just waiting.  Egg donor change. Changed health insurance provider

June 2012 – Still just waiting, Egg donor has been cleared and is ready to go.

July 2012Started taking medications 7/16 to prepare me for the transfer.  Abstinence begin 7-20. Ten day delay while on meds and abstaining in order to do PGD testing.

August 2012Egg Retrieval 8/14.  PGD testing done on five day embryos, results normal. Transfer of two embryos Thursday August 30th! Two week wait

September 2012 – 9/7 Eight days post five day transfer beta hCG 57. 9/7 Twelve days post five day transfer beta 475. 9/28 – Ultrasound confirms pregnancy with ONE healthy baby. Due Date May 18, 2013!